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    Publish a Topic to RoboEngine

    Mooresville Level 1
      I have an HTML project that was created by a co-worker. To take advantage of the RoboEngine Search, I need to publish the project to the RoboEngine with all my other HTML projects (6). I do not want his project name to show up in the left navigation pane (TOC) after RoboEngine concatenates the projects to make them look like one intranet site.

      I checked Peter's website and found the syntax: X:/helpfolder/startpage.htm#path/target_topic_1.htm.

      I'm not sure if this syntax is a solution to my question and I'm not exactly sure how to interpret the snytax. Any advise would be appreciated. Thxs.
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          That is the formula for webhelp merged other than via RoboEngine. I don't think it applies here.

          Can't help with the answer you need but at least you won't waste time on that being a possible answer.

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            RoboColum(n) Level 5
            So if I have got this right you want the content to display but not with the project settings contained in the project. Presumably you also want the topics to display in the same skin?

            You may have to end up embedding the HTM files which will be searchable in the Server. Maybe someone else has a better solution.
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              johndaigle Level 4
              Hi, Mooresville,
              Like Colum, I'm a little fuzzy on exactly what your goal is but let me just throw this in.
              Perhaps you are publishing your co-worker's project just to get the benefits of RoboEngine (feedback reports, etc.)? However, lets say you don't necessarily want that project(s) to show up or be included in search results commingled with your other (6) projects?

              You didn't mention which version of RoboEngine (now called RoboHelp Server 6 or 7). Here's an alternative. You could publish the co-worker's project to a separate domain address (on the same physical server) so that it has a life of its own and still gets the benefits of RoboEngine (RH Server).

              Beginning with RoboHelp Server 6 and now 7, Adobe created a more liberal licensing policy. In the old Macromedia or eHelp days, you had to have a license for each domain (IP address) where you kept a project. A lot of authors were forced with this expensive option because they needed to be able to get feedback reports on one project(s) that were not mixed in with other projects.

              Fortunately that is no longer necessary and you can have separate domains set up with only one license making it much more affordable.

              I have some other options that might involve merged WebHelp Pro but will await your reponse to Peter's, Colum's and my questions first.