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    I can't believe no one knew the answer :  (

    medeamajic Level 2

      I solved the problem of Windows 7 Vs Windows Vista myself. The solution to get Windows 7 to work like Widows Vista by default is very very easy. I am glade I solved the mystery :  )  By default Windows 7 works OK until you compare it to Vista by default. Aero sucks!

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          You obviously did not tune your system correctly, as I told you in the other thread. And if turning off Aero helps your performance, then there are lots of other things you have to correct as well, especially on a relatively weak system. See Adobe Forums: Guide for installing and tuning a Vista... which also applies to Win7.

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            Stephen_Spider Level 3

            You know that you never managed to explain the problem or the answer here, right?


            Congratualations.... I guess.

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              medeamajic Level 2

              Harm, Obviously something was wrong but unlike yourself if someone makes the move from Vista to Windows 7 I can let them know by defualt Windows 7 uses Aero and PP CS5.5 does not play well with Aero. Had you stated that it might be Windows Aero causing the problem you would have been a big help but unfortunatly your answer was to vague and completely useless. Heck I could tell a Mac user to check their setting if they are having problems but what kind of help is that if I can provide a specific answer? Obvioulsy I knew something was different by default between the two operating systems. What was causing the problems was the mystery. Sure by defualt Windows 7 works and had I not used Vista by defualt I would have been happy as a pig in mud with Windows 7. Of course I will trouble shoot my system if I know my system is not up to par but I was hoping to save some time by posting here. Windows Aero is what seperates the two Operating systems by defualt when using CS5.5. My system is not  a week system either. In fact it kicks major ars as I had explained in my previous post :  )

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                medeamajic Level 2

                Stephen, I explianed clearly that I had done a fresh install of Windows Vista and Windows 7 and I wanted to know why Vista was so much better by defualt. I also stated Aero sucks in this thread. That should let you know what the correct answer was. Vista does not launch into Aero by defualt.  I was getting decent realtime using Windows 7 with Aero but not as much as with out. It makes a big difference if you make use of a second monitor for realtime previews.

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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  Aero is far less of a burden on the system than indexing, compression, the sidebar, MSN, and all the superfluous services that are automatically started in Win7. If fact I have not noticed any difference in the benchmark results with or without Aero.

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                    medeamajic Level 2

                    I don't doubt what you are saying. Like I stated in the other thread. Aero is only a problem if I use my second monitor for realtime previews. By defualt Windows 7 works but "wow" what a difference it makes turning of Aero for HDV clips. I am just starting to use CS 5.5 and Windows 7. Now that I know the Asnwer I think I will keep my Windows 7 instead of Vista. I did not like Windows 7 by defualt but I am starting to like it now :  )

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                      Jim_Simon Level 9

                      by defualt Windows 7 uses Aero


                      Uh...so does Vista.  You can turn it off manually in either, but it comes out of the box with Aero on (so long as you have a sufficient graphics card).



                      PP CS5.5 does not play well with Aero.


                      Works just fine for me.  I saw no performance difference turning it off.  Windows looks better with it on, so I leave it on.

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                        medeamajic Level 2

                        With my system Vista does not use Aero by default but Windows 7 does. Are you using dual 1920*1080 monitors and outputting the Premiere Pro program monitor to the second computer monitor? With Vista and Windows 7 my system takes a performance hit. I still get decent realtime with Aero but I get even more with out it.

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                          Jim_Simon Level 9

                          No, single monitor.

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                            medeamajic Level 2

                            Like I said you need dual monitors to notice the increase in realtime performance. I want to get a GT 430 Fermi card next.

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                              Christian Fleischer

                              Thats it! I turned Aero off for Dual Monitor Fullscreen View and playback is very smooth now all over time! I am also new on Win7 64bit on a very new and new installed system, i72600k quad core @ 4.7ghz, 16GB corsair dominator ram @ 1600Mhz, asus p8z67 deluxe, 128 gb ssd for the system, 2x2TB HDD for data, geforce gtx580 with 3GB (all watercooled, except the hdds) and 2 Monitor setup with Full HD LED 1920x1080p, connected both with DVI.

                              I searched for days now, because my Fullscreen Playback in Premiere CS 5.5.1 behaved very strange, and only the fullscreen playback on the second monitor.

                              When using the program window of Premiere scaled to fullscreen on the second monitor, everything is fine.


                              Now with Aero turned off playback is smooth again, but now it looks like the typical sync problems on the Full-Screen Monitor (strange line dropping when panning or fast moving images). Thats gone with Aero turned on!  Is that because my footage is 50 hz (PAL Region) and the monitor sync is 60Hz? Maybe the "Aero-Stuff" eliminates that somehow? I dont notice it, when Aero is on! What does Aero exactly do with the graphic cards output?


                              Back to smooth and non so smooth Full-Screen Playback over the Graphic Card Dual Monitor Output:

                              When I opened up an existing project, especially dslr 1080p timelines with Canon DSLR Footage, my playback was smooth at the beginning and after some time it startet to become lame, looked like dropped frames, lightly visible, but noticeable. Sometimes it also began to get worse over time and playback wasn`t smooth any more. CPU and GPU load were very low, so it couldn`t be related to this (as far as I know)!

                              Sometimes it helped just to shut down Premiere and reopen it and playback was smooth again. Sometimes not!

                              But this also happend with DVCPro HD 720p Projects (and that worked flawless on my 3 year old amd dual core system on win xp)! So this problem couldn`t (only) be related to H.264 playback.


                              I also played with different NVDIA Settings for Premiere, changing Multi-Display- to Compatible Performance Setting and so on. And yes, newest drivers are installed. But maybe thats another problem?


                              The strange thing is, that I can edit RED 4k Footage with different effects on it very smooth when turning playback quality to 1/2, even with Aero on! Even 3 or 4 layers together in one frame with scalings and Color Correction, 3D Effects and so on (all GPU - timeline yellow). Then CPU load is high at the beginning, drops down to 10% and GPU loads at about 70% constantly, and playback is very smooth without the dropping frames look. If I set quality to 1/1, playback is very junky. But theres no visible difference between 1/1 and 1/2 with 4k footage on 1080p.


                              On the other side I can`t playback H.264 Footage at 1/1 quality in a DSLR 1080p timeline smooth after seconds of playback time when adding only one non gpu-effekt to it (like colorista). The timeline gets red, the playback gets really stuttering and CPU and GPU loads to about 50%!! GPU temperature doesn`t go above 50 degrees and CPU not over 68 degrees when its fully stressed (100% load). So that should be ok, too (because I read of performance drop downs, when components get to hot).


                              Somewhere seems to be a bottleneck, or there is really something strange going on with the playback engine and different hard- and software components.


                              I guess it also must have to do with Canon H.264 Footage (60D), maybe a codec issue? I have VLC Player installed, maybe I will deinstall to check, if there is going on something with the codecs. I also have Quicktime Pro 7.7.1680.34 installed. Might there be a problem here?


                              Another thing it could be is the onboad sound card, some realtek hd. On my old pc-system I used a creamware pulsar card with fast asio drivers.

                              I justed noticed a 20-30% CPU usage with just playing back a 48khz, 16bit Wav-File in the source monitor window!! The same file in another project loads the cpu to 5-6% when also being played back in the source window. When I drop the audiofile down in the timeline and play just this audiofile back, the CPU loads to 0-2%!! How wired is that? Its not related to Asio Buffer (same with 1024 or 2048 samples).


                              Something is going on I don`t get into yet... but turning Aero Off seems to eliminate a big problem for dual view monitoring though. Thanx for that.

                              Any suggestions for the other problems??

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                                medeamajic Level 2

                                I am glade it worked for you somewhat. My system works with Aero just not as good. For me my HDV clips played back like crap. On my system the newest drivers make that flashy line if there is motion like you described. My old Vista system does not because it has an older driver. I am going to try to get the older drivers on my Windows 7 system.  . p>