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    Replaced my 9500 GT 1gb with the GTX 580 3gb - not too impressed.

    nados Level 1

      Hi all,


      I was running CS5 on my; i7 920, 12gb, W7, x64, 9500 GT system and thought and thopught i could do better in rendering speed and real time performance.


      My old 9500 GT 1gb cost me about $50, the new GTX 580 3gb costs about $500.


      My initial test (just observation - i'll run benchmark tests later) indicate about a 20% +- inprovement in rending speed. Realtime performance is about 10% improvement over the 9500 GT.  Well, I'm not that impressed with an increase of about  20% in performance for the 10 fold increase in cost.  I see little improvement in playback of the yellow areas in the timeline and playback still stutters in some spots where i have three video layers all with images in motion.  I have just as many red areas as i did with the 9500 GT.  While the timeline does play back a little smoother, overall - not too impressed.


      I guess if Premiere CS5 where a game, I'd be wowed by the GTX 580 but for rendering and editing - not so much!


      For those that have the GTX 580, is this about what you all are getting?