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    Incorrect recognition of installed flash player version


      Hi All,

      Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.


      I have bought a new mobile phone and I am simply trying to look at the software that came on the CD with it on my pc. When the CD autorun's I get a message saying Adobe Flash player version 8.0 or later is required. I have installed the latest version (11.xxx) for the three browsers I have on my pc (IE, Opera, Firefox) but I still get the same message. Interestingly when I went to the "About Flash Player" page on the Adobe site it recognises I have version 11.xxx in each of the browsers, however when I tried to register for this forum using IE it said I needed version 6,0,65,0 or higher - meaning it had not recognised I have version 11.xxx installed?! So one part of the Adobe site recognises I have version 11, another part doesn't?! (I registered fine using Opera). I have a feeling (just a guess!) that the software on the CD is trying to use IE.


      So please can you help? Why is the correct version not being recognised? Where do browsers etc. interrogate my pc to determine what version of flash player is installed? Any advice on how I can get this resolved? What should have taken a minute has already taken hours of uninstalling and re-installing several times with no success.