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    Adobe Reader breaking AppID inheritance


      I'm working on cleaning up some security issues and one of them is that all things in the HKLM\Software\Classes\AppID must be inherited.  Unfortunately each install or update of Adobe Reader seems to breaks inheritance on one or both of Adobe Readers AppID keys

      HKLM\Software\Classes\AppID\Acropdf.dll and HKLM\Software\Classes\AppID\{BBAA0E44-3863-490C-8E63-AC2D2D6EF733}


      It is the only program that I have seen out of hundreds or programs that breaks this setting and it consistently breaks inheritance and is therefore a constant security issue.  I've got a barrage of tools that I keep using to try to set them back to the right setting but since this happens each and every time there is an update it can get quite exhausting (especially when you get down to doing one-offs)  in a large enterprise environment.  Will this ever be addressed by Adobe or is there a way to prevent reader from doing this?