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    New release!

    Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
      New kuler release!

      * Now use color extraction to create themes from Flickr images. You can use your Flickr photos, or search other people's for inspiration. If you use a Flickr image to create a theme, please add "flickr" to your tags; we're curious what themes originated from a Flickr photo. For your convenience we include the URL as reference if you use a Flickr photo (it is only viewable to you for your own themes).
      * By popular demand, yes, you can now choose which of your themes is your avatar! Mykuler > Select the theme you want, view More Info and Make this my avatar.
      * Want a direct link to a theme? More Info view shows the theme URL.

      As always, a few other tweaks that you'll discover. If you have questions, you can also check help. Please post your feedback here. Flickr users, we'd really like to hear from you on this new feature. Enjoy!

      the kuler team
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          rinse Level 1
          Thanks Sami. Can't wait to try these out, but for me on my Leopard Mac running Flash Kuler is just a black page.
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            Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
            Hiya Rinse,
            Hmmm... what happens on refresh, and what browser? We have it working on Leopard 10.5.3 in both Firefox and Safari 3.1.1.

            Please follow the troubleshooting on this thread and post your results there.
            Thanks for letting us know.

            Update: This issue is related to Leopard OS and the 10.5.3 Apple Security Update. You will need to manually uninstall and reinstall the Flash Player.
            Manual Uninstaller
            Version Check
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              PepperdSunlight Level 1
              Hi Sami!

              I just visited the site about an hour ago and saw all the updates. I LOVE it! The Kuler Team has done a great job with fulfilling Kulerite wishes!

              Thanks so much for all you do!
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                PepperdSunlight Level 1

                I just saw the “more info” functionality!

                **squeals with delight**

                FABULOUS! You guys (and gals) ROCK!!!!


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                  Kuler's still krumbling! Problems with editing tags in themes in editing mode, not creating them!
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                    Change my avatar, change my avatar (....I haven't got a thing to wear...)

                    I very much appreciate the tech group's attention to the 'wish lists' of the membership. All of the additions so far are great- I like the '30 day/7 day/all' variants when searching through Newest, Popular, Highest Rated.

                    Good work!
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                      Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
                      @ billseymour and PepperdSunlight: Thanks for the kudos, glad you are enjoying it!

                      @ Raymie+Mudbrick: Hi, in order to help us troubleshoot, please include the following information when you report an issue:
                      1. Browser(s) and OS
                      2. What specifically were you doing at the time (e.g., editing my tags in an exising theme)
                      3. What happened next (e.g., screen froze, edits did not save) that was unexpected, along with any error messages you received
                      4. Are you able to reproduce this issue again? Try with different them and same theme.
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                        RaymieHumbert Level 1
                        X 10.5.3/Firefox 3.0rc2

                        The edits saved, but I got the ECw/S (error w/ server) issue.

                        I was able to go back into the UI and continue kuler-ing.

                        One thing I might remove is the special tags I added shortly before 2.1 to help people find my themes. (My Cold on Warm theme for example has the cd&wm tag to help people find it if I direct them to.)

                        ==NEW KULER KRUMBLE==

                        Mykuler does not show my themes, though I made 32 and can still use "raymieX" to search through them.

                        ==ANOTHER NEW KULER KRUMBLE!==

                        I made a comment on a theme, and the comment did not show up due to an ECw/S error.
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                          rinse Level 1
                          Sami, you rock... thanks for helping trouble shoot my issues and fix Kuler for me!