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    Nested masterpages or links to states?




      I need to create an interactive prototype in fireworks CS5 that has two rows of menu buttons. Using master page I can edit the buttons in the first row at ONE place. However, after clicking a button in the first row, a second row appears with submenu buttons specific to that first row button. I would like to solve this by using something like "nested master pages", so that each first row button can have its own master page for its second row buttons. Within the same fireworks png file. Is that possible?


      Another solution would be to use states for the second row, but as I understand, its not possible to create a buttin in one state, that links to another state?


      The main purpose for all this is that I want to be able to edit all the menu buttons from one place. I guess it could be solved by separating the prototype to several different pngs, but in that case I would have to change in each sub-png-file if I'd like to change the appearance of (or link of) all the buttons.


      Does anyone know how to solve this?



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          Jim_Babbage Level 4

          Fireworks only supports a single Master Page, so there's no way to "nest" them.


          You can, however, share specific layers to pages, which means you can customize what layers get shared to what pages. For example, you might create a page with a series of layers. Each layer holds your context buttons for specific pages. You can share each layer to a different page (or pages) and then only need to update them from the one page.


          Hopefully that helps.

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            abseabse Level 1

            Thank you for replying!


            Now I've created a master page with the first row of buttons, and I've created pages that share the same "second level menu". I would like to create hotspots (or something like it) on the buttons of this second level menu also (not only the first level) so that I can navigate freely using both the first and the second level menus. However... it seems that all hotspots created on the second level menus appear on the web layer, and the web layer may only be shared on ALL pages in the document. This means I cant have more than one second level menu in the same document. Is there some way to move past this problem?



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              Jim_Babbage Level 4

              The main web layer cannot be shared, HOWEVER <grin> You can create a SUB LAYER iin the web layer, store the shareable web objects there, and that sub layer CAN be shared, just as a normal layer can be shared


              Another alternative would be to create a graphic symbol and add the hotspots to the symbol itself. Using this workflow, links and artwork are all contained int he symbol, so if you need to update the navigation, simply open the symbol and make your changes.


              One caveat of this workflow: do not resize the instances. Things tend to get unpredictable if you resize an instance that contains web objects.

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                abseabse Level 1

                Ok, that helped! Thanks!


                So now everything works. What I want to do now is to add some toggle functionality to the menu buttons (which aren't buttons at the moment, just a square and text). I want the button to change colour and change a small graphic adornement when the user clicks on it, and then change it back if he/she clicks again. What is the easiest way to achieve this?


                Maybe using "rich symbols"?