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    FlashBuilder 4.5 / Service WSDL (PHP) / How to use my Web Service Data into my Flex Project ?




      I use FlashBuilder 4.5 for PHP.

      I have build a service in PHP wich runs independantly from FlashBuilder.

      I use the php-wsdl class to run the soap server, and generate the wsdl from my php service file.

      This service has 3 methods :

      - Method 1 "GetBla" : returns a string

      - Method 2 "GetAuth" : returns an object

      - Method 3 "GetInfo ": returns an array of object


      My Methods from my Data/Services view in my Flex Project


      In my Flex Project, through my Responders, i get result only with the method 1 "GetBla" which works like a charm.


      When I run my Flex Project, I monitore through the Netwotk Monitor view of FlashBuilder and everything is fine, i get responses full of data from my 3 method calls.


      Structure of the Response of Method 3 Call through Network Monitor View : Array of objects


      Then for the example above, Array of objects from my Method 3 "GetInfo", I assigne the result of my CallResponder like this :


      But i get nothing into my ArrayCollection myInfo.

      I have tried a lot, i assume that my flex level is low.


      I need your help.


      Thanks for reading and sorry for my bad english.