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    Updating link to Word Doc is causing a permissions issue


      Hi.  I am attempting to update a link to a Word file, and it is causing a permissions issues in Word when I try to open the Word document back up while the InDesign file is still open.


      Is there any way to link to a Word document that can be worked on while the InDesign file is being worked on?  I think I can use buzzword as an alternative, but I'm looking for the easiest possible solution.





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          Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Word checks for locked files. In that if another app is using the file, you can not open the file until the other app closes the file. It does this to make sure word has the lastest version of the file. This is partly due to word being using in an office environment were multiple people can be working on the same document.

          Since word is fairly quick to open. You could use the edit original icon in the links panel of InDesign. Make your changes in word once the document opens, then use the keyboard shortcuts ctrl-s to save and alt-F4 to close word.