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    Discussion needed on animated group of buttons

    ooba Level 1
      For a day i have been stumped.

      Picture this in your mind,
      a timeline 12 frames long
      a mask layer 20x6 in size
      a movie clip under the mask layer that contains 3 buttons lined up next to each other, this mc is 20x6 in size

      The Timeline:
      Starting Key Frame the default small size
      2nd Key Frame the enlarged size
      3rd Key Frame the default small size

      Between the Key Frames Tweening occurs to grow and shrink the
      Mask Layer
      Button Movie Clip

      When the user mouses over the mc the mc then grows to 100x30
      When the user mouses out of the mc the mc then shrinks to 20x6
      MouseMove events and the mouse out trigger after the Mask and the button mc grows and reaches the next key

      Now the problem. frame
      Cant interact with the buttons
      After the mouse out mc's then shrinks back to the default size but mouse over no longer functions.

      So, my assumption is that it has to do with the key frames and possibly the player interprets the key frames as new instances even though each key frame i ensure that the name of the mask and the button mc are on them they dont see them as the item from frame 1 in the timeline.

      Does anyone have experience with this situation?