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    TaskReassigned Event

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      I'm looking at the task events that are exposed in ES2. I pretty much managed to use all of them and understand what they are for. But there's one I can't get to fire; TaskReassigned. Could someone explain how to get this one to fire? Documentation is quite scarce on the subject.


      I tried forwarding an assigned task back to the user who forwarded it to me in the first place, but that fires a TaskForwarded event.

      I tried returning it from whoever I got it or claimed it from but that fires a TaskRejected event.

      I went in the adminui and assigned it to someone else through the process search, the label does say "Admin Reassign" but it doesn't fire the TaskReassignment event, I get a TaskForwarded event again.

      I even tried using "out of office" in workspace but somehow my task are not being reassigned/forwarded to that person.


      So at this point I don't know if it's something I'm doing wrong, if I'm not doing the right thing or if it's broken.


      I'd really appreciate if anyone could shed some light on the subject.

      Thanks in advance.