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    Flex Mobile iOS app, and http live video streaming Question.


      I have subbmitted our app (which is mostly a video playing app) to apple only to have it rejected because of the" 9.4: Video streaming content over a cellular network longer than 10 minutes must use HTTP Live and include a baseline 64 kbps audio-only HTTP Live stream" reason.  I was doing progressive download of the files, but now it looks like we will need to re-encode all of our media, which will probably take months and months. 


      My question is this:  We currently use Akamai as our current CDN, with thier HD Flash delivery system.  Their HD Flash is built to do dynamic bitrate streaming simmilar to Apple's HTTP Live.  If we re-encode our video to milti-bitrate and use the Akamai technology to do the adaptive streaming will this be good enough for Apple, or will we infact need to use their HTTP Live protocol.  Has anyone encountered this problem, or have any experience?  I would like to know before we re-encode all of our media only to find out that we will be forced to use Apples stuff instead.  Any help is much appreciated!