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    Black frame on the video in preview window...

    jordeangjelovik Level 1

      i have shot a SD video format with sony pd 170 in 16:9.

      When i imported it in Premiere CS5 in the trim windows it shows the video properly and everything looks fine, but when trow the video to the sequence/timeline

      it's giving me the red color line( for rendering) and the video in preview window is in black frame and the output is the same?


      I have checked everything all the settings and can not figure it out what is going on i can not remove the black frame?

      Also i have uploaded the same captured video to another PC with premiere pro cs5 and the same issue ( i suspected of hardware issue)

      but like i said the video in trim window is just fine and that black frame shows only in the preview window (when is in the sequence)???


      It never happened before and i have checked al lthe settings in the camera and everything is fine also in premiere so far so good so what is the problem and why is it doing thit can anyone help me?


      many thanks