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    William Spence Level 1

      I know that I can, just not sure if I can do it the way that I want.  In an AIR app, I have three dropdownlists that are populated by a service call that then displays media associated with the dropdownlists.  I do not want the user to have to wait and watch the dropdownlists get loaded and the media pop up slowly.  So I wanted to use a progressbar before I display the results.  The problem is that I would prefer the progressbar to progess smoothly based on the number of bytes it downloads or records that it is trying to download from the database.  So far, the only way that I can think to use the progressbar is to update it when the callresponder gets its result.  That would mean that since I have 3 dropdownlists, my progessbar would only get updated 3 times when it gets the 3 results from the callresponders.  Sounds a little boring.  I am wanting to know if there is any way to get more detailed information from the service or callresponder to let me know how many records it is trying to download or how many bytes it is trying to download?  Is it possible to get this information, or just the 3 result updates from the three callresponders?