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    importing form another project


      How do I import video from another pre. elements project.  Do I need to export that project as avi and then re import it.  I won't be able to edit it as much as it will one solid clip instead of many short ones with transitions.  I would like to just paste one project into the other.

      I did the titles and video as separate projects.  Also, is there a way to flatten a video that consists of multiple video tracks. (my titles were done on six video tracks) I'm think of a function similar to flatten layers in photoshop elements.


      Hope this makes sense.  I'm using pre 9





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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          As I point out in my books:


          If you're working standard definition video, use Share/Computer/AVI with the proper DV setting to output your video. This type of video will import perfectly into a project set up for standard DV.


          If you're working in hi-def, use Share/Comptuer/MPEG with the 1440x1080 30i (25i if you're working in PAL) setting to output your video. This type of video will import perfectly into a project set up for HDV.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9



            Steve's suggestion of Export/Share and then Import, is the best method.


            Before you do, there is one consideration, and it's the one that you mention - additional editing.


            The thing to consider is, "will I need to do additional editing?"


            If so, then I recommend doing a very loose edit, leaving additional Frames on each end, or each Clip, i.e. Handles, and then Exporting/Sharing that loose edit for Import into another Project. See this ARTICLE on Handles.


            However, if one knows that they have done all editing in the first Project, completely, then just Exporting/Sharing and Importing, is easier, but, and as you mention, things are now "set in stone," and are tough to re-edit.


            I have several "templates," that get re-used, such as intros, outros, credits, etc., that are tightly edited. Those just get Exported/Shared, and then Imported into each new Project. However, when I know that I will want to tighten up my edits later, I just edit very loosely, leaving plenty of additional footage (Handles) on each Clip to be tightened up later, in the final Project.


            Good luck, and with a bit of planning, things will be very simple.



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              novaboy5 Level 1

              Thanks Steve and Bill.