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    how to download book via ADE?


      I bought a book about 1 year ago and saved on my computer. I now want to read it and when I tried to open it up it said I needed to download ADE. So I did and now I need to know how to be able to read the book. i.e. I don't know you to get a book so I can read it from the adobe file saved on my computer.

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          I gather you're fairly new to ebook reading, so let me start by assuming

          that you're using a Windows computer, that you know how to manipulate files

          and folders using the utility software (Windows Explorer, or My Computer),

          and that you've registered your copy of ADE with Adobe.  If you haven't

          registered your copy, you might be asked to do that when you open ADE to

          start the process below.  I'll also assume that you haven't used ADE

          before.  It has a Help function, which you can access from any of its

          screens by pressing the 'F1' key.  Let me assume also that you might not

          have an ereader - yet.  Let's start here, and load the ebook into ADE.  We

          can go through the process to transfer it to an ereader afterwards.

          ADE has a feature called 'Add Item To Library', which you access from the

          Library View screen that comes up when you open ADE.  Just put your cursor

          on the small arrow next to the word 'Library', and a drop-down menu will

          appear,  Click on 'Add Item To Library' and ADE will display a system screen

          that will let you go find the ebook title.  Then, double-click on 'Save',

          and the ebook will be added to your library.  You can use ADE from there to

          open and read the ebook.


          Hope this helps!