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    No firewire video out in Mac CS5.5.1?

    Andrew Gingerich

      Okay, I've got a strange problem here: I'm trying to preview a DV sequence through an OHCI-compliant FireWire deck, and it's just not receiving any signal (audio or video) from Premiere no matter what I do. Device control works fine, capture works fine, and FireWire preview works fine in Final Cut 7 and After Effects. But no matter what I do in the playback settings for Premiere, it's like there's no signal running out through FireWire. Here are my settings:


      DV-native (480i/48khz) sequence

      Realtime playback:

           External Device: "DV: 29.97 720 x 480i"

           Aspect Ratio Conversion: I have tried all three options, to no effect.

           External Device Audio


      I've also tried previewing out native DV material without dropping it into the sequence. No luck there. And no, export to tape doesn't work either.


      System specs:


      Mac Pro 3,1

      OS 10.7.2

      6GB RAM

      nVidia Quadro 4000


      Has anyone else experienced this problem?