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    Document jumps all over screen.  Possible corrupt InDesign software?


      I run my InDesign CS5 on a Mac Quad Four and have a very unusual problem…when working on any document (no matter how large or small) the document page will jump all over, within the window, of its own accord.


      At first I thought my bluetooth mouse was defective, so I bought a new one.  That didn't help.  So today I purchased a 'wired' mouse and experienced the same problem.


      I have a 30" monitor and always reduce the size of the InDesign document window so that the pallets are off to the side allowing a clean view of my document.  Now, when I try to reduce the size of the document window it jumps to different sizes.


      This is nuts!


      Does this sound like maybe my software has become corrupted?


      All help is greatly appreciated.