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      O.k to cut a long story short , normally i use Movie maker but wanted something MORE so

      I bought Premiere Elements 9 AND a spanking new SONY HDXR160 camcorder.


      I am urgently needing to begin a graduation video that I am presenting, however never did I think

      I will come up with problems before I have even started!!


      I have imported my camcorder footage into Premiere elements 9 and when I play it back there

      it is jittery, fluttery and like small stops...looks nothing like my fab crisp clear footage that I shot

      and that plays beautifully in a playback program.


      What has gone wrong...I need this to look professional and it looks like a shamble !


      PLEASE can someone help me to rectify my crisp clear footage to play like that in Premiere 9 ?


      I have VISTA

      Processor AMDAAthlon 64x2 Dual Core Processor 5200+  2.71GHZ

      RAM 2.00 GB

      System Type 32 bit operating system.


      THANKIG YOU ALL IN ADVANCE.............

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          I guess I don't have to tell you that it's never a good idea to try to learn a brand new program -- especially such a complicated program -- under a deadline,Two.


          But that said, we can certainly do what we can for you. Though you'll need to be specific and give us lots of details.


          What model of camcorder are you using and how did you capture the video into your computer?


          When you started your Premiere Elements project, which settings did you select? A mismatch between video and project settings can certainly cause disastrous issues! And so can improperly capturing your video.


          So I'd recommend, before you invest any more time into this project, you check out my free 8 part Basic Training tutorials at Premiere Elements support site Muvipix.com.



          I've also got a couple of books on Amazon that will take you through the program, step by step, and show you how everything works. Unfortunately, there's no way to learn it in a weekend.


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            Twobelle Level 1

            Hi Steve,


            Thanks for responding, I thought everything would work so much easier in a better program. I had been using Movie Maker for so long but

            wanted a more professional look. I am pretty good at grasping quickly, it's just this video footage that is doing my head in !!


            I will list everything you want:


            I have a SONYHDR-XR160E with internal hardrive.


            The settings on my camcorder were :    High Quality (FH) .......                              There is a Highest Quality (FX) BUT I DID NOT USE THAT SETTING.

                                                                      FRAME RATE :  50i    ....                         There is 50p BUT DID NOT USE 

                                                                      IMAGE QUALITY:  HD Quality                    There is STD Quality but DID NOT USE



            I firstly transferred the video footage from camcorder to computer by the Sony PMB program a disc that the camcorder comes with  , HOWEVER when I noticed that the footage was choppy and getting

            stuck I decided to transfer it directly from Premiere elements ( form the Get media from ..Flip, AVCHD etc.) hoping that this would rectify but it didnt.


            When I started the project,  the settings confused me so out of the 7 settngs I selected PAL AVCHD HD 1080i   25   5.1 Channel ( my camcorder has 5.1 inch surround mic ), don't know if that was the right

            setting to choose but it seemed the best option.


            When I play my clip in the preview section in premiere elements 9 , even though the preview screen is small the footage looks fine, it is once it is placed in the timeline that it doesn't play right.


            In the mean time while I wait for your response I will check out all your tutorials.


            Thank you so much for your time, I am hoping it is something simple. However I do understand that learning everything quickly is impossible. As long as I get the camcorder footage looking and

            playing as it should, I think I can proceed........What have I got myself in for !!!!


            Will be awaiting for your reply in anticipation.

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              Twobelle Level 1

              P.S i have tried numerous times to register in MUVIPIX but just wont work therefore I ca'nt see your tutorials, which I was really counting on.....something about an ANTI-BOT question not answered

              and a part saying CARROT...explain CARROT....just don't get it. Is there another way to see the tutorials ???

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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                I've no idea why you can't register at Muvipix.com. Sorry. But that's where the tutorials are.


                Meantime, it is very important that you NOT use a third-party program (like the Sony PMB) to transfer the files from the camcorder to your computer. You need to use Premiere Elements' Get Media/Video Importer tool -- and your project needs to be properly set up for this type of video in order for the proper components to be installed on your computer.


                As I've said, this is the danger of trying to learn a whole new program under a deadline. A more high level program needs a more high level of understanding. It might be wise to finish this project in iMovie and then master Premiere Elements when you're not under the gun like this.

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                  Twobelle Level 1

                  Hi Steve,

                  No I have transferred my footage through

                  Premiere, I still don't understand after

                  I have followed the right path that my

                  Camcorder footage is still choppy. Something

                  so simple like importing into the program

                  should not be so difficult regardless of

                  whether I have a deadline .


                  This should be the straight forward I can

                  Understand that using the different tools

                  Etc would be more complex but the import

                  of  videos and photos should be quite

                  straightforward. There is no reason

                  for a program like this to be so complicated


                  Unfortunately reading reviews does not



                  Are you still able to help , I am stubborn,

                  I have 3 weeks to have it ready.


                  Thank you again for your time and patience

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    Unfortunately, with AVCHD footage, and a Duo-core 2.17GHz processor, you will likely not get smooth playback. For smooth playback, a fast Quad-core, or better yet, an i7 CPU, is required.


                    Now, if, once you have your footage on the Timeline, you hit the Enter key to Render the footage, you might get better playback, but it still might not be adequate - worth a test though.


                    PrE edits AVCHD natively, and that requires some CPU horsepower. Some other NLE (Non Linear Editor) programs use intermediate proxy files for the editing, and one of those might be better considering your computer.


                    This ARTICLE, and this ARTICLE, list some proxy file editing techniques for PrE, and they might be useful too.


                    Good luck,