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    Is this possible?


      Flash Pro might be the wrong section for this question, but I didn't know where else to put it.


      I want to have two clients voice chat, I will need a central server to dish out IPs for that to work out right?

      Also unless I route all the streaming through the central server, won't there be problems incomming connections and peoples firewalls and such?

      I would ideally want to host it on a PHP shared host, could that be done?


      Also if anyone is interested in coding such a project, I might have a job for

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          Peter Celuch Level 4

          If you want to send audio / video data from one client to the other, you have three options:


          1) use media server

               - paid service (the mor users / data, the more expensive)

               - no problems with connection

               - data flow through the server


          2) use peer-to-peer (P2P) connection

               - free

               - it's still in Adobe Labs, so if adobe decides to cancel whole project and you build your project upon it, you have a problem

               - trehe are some problems with hardware configuration of the network, not all users have guaranteed connection

               - data flow directly from client to client


          3) combine the two

               - use P2P conenction for majority of users

               - for those users that can't establish P2P connection, use media server sollution (connection can be probed)

               - no problems with connection

               - semi-paid service, cheaper than media server alone

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            Stuffe.dk Level 1

            Thank you so much for your answer.

            Now some bonus questions

            Where do I find the best place to hire someone for a flash job like this?

            And what might it roughly cost?

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              Stuffe.dk Level 1

              After googling a bit myself I found an apropriate site for hireing freelancers.