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    Unable to Install Flash 11 in Firefox


      Hello All.


      After several frustrating attempts at getting flash to install, I wanted to post here to try and get some assistance. 


      Im running Windows 7 Pro, SP1, 64 bit, and attempting to install flash on Firefox 7.0.1.  I can download the install file from here: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ and it allows me to download a file named install_flashplayer11x64_mssd_aih.exe.  I have attempted to run this file under my normal account and as an administrator.  It will execute the file, bring up the UAC dialogue, and then thats it.  There are no further boxes popping up, no progress bar, or anything along those lines.  However, if I open the taskmanager this process is running, but is taking no CPU cycles.  It also indicates that its running the installer as a 32 bit process (shown by the *32 at the end of it in the task manager) if this is relevant. 


      Nothing happens, and I have no flash. 


      I have purged out my temp folder to remove the extra installer files that get copied there, I have run the uninstaller and restarted multiple times, and no dice. 


      I would really appreciate any insight and/or assistance that can be offered by anyone.  Im happy to provide additional input if it helps to get this resolved.