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    Audio Problem:  Where's the treble?


      I set my project to music and then burned it to dvd.  When it plays back on the dvd the lead guitar is super faint (barely audible).  Any way to fix that?  It's across all three songs used in the soundtrack.  Ideas?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You can certainly apply and adjust the treble effect from the Audio Effects set.


          Although it might be wiser to use a program like Audacity (free) to equalize the original recording. You'll have much more control and many more effects at your disposal.

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            sk8jeff81 Level 1

            So I have been playing around with the treble effect and other audio effects and based on the playback, it doesn't sound like there's a good fix.  When I turn up the treble the cymbals overpowers the song.  Would this not be the case once it is burned to dvd?  Why would the soundtrack audio have problems in one project, but not another?  I know the music files are not the issue because the problem occurs with every song in the soundtrack (3 in total). 


            I looked in Audacity a little, but I don't really care to modify the original recording.  I just want it to play the original recording.  Seems odd Premiere Elements would have this problem when others (e.g. windows movie maker) don't. 


            The inconsistencies with the projects boggle my mind.   

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              Ted Smith Level 3

              Check your DVD is playing true simple stereo


              You are probably listening to on your DVD it in mono and the sound for that instrument was out of phase so the sounds from the left and right channels being of opposite polarity, cancelled only that mic


              Switch off all sound enhancing or artificial surround sound options on your player


              It can also happen with some enhancing gadgets or by mistake in the original recording and you would not hear this on a stereo monitoring setup on you computer.


              Adjust the balance fully from left to right and see if the relative sound of that instrument changes to the others

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                sk8jeff81 Level 1

                i think you're on to something.  i have a really cheap dvd player, but i picked up a new, better one yesterday.  i still have to hook it up.  i will keep you posted on if it works. 

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                  Ted Smith Level 3

                  Unless the DVD player is only capable of mono (which I doubt) or has some sort of fixed artificial stereo effect, then a new one won't make any difference. It's not a matter of price.


                  If you are planning to have others play your production then unless you fix the original sound they will experience the same problem if they play it in mono or a cheap portable player.


                  All good sound engineers test their final result on a variety of setups including big and small stereo and mono, portables and systems that are supposed to 'enhance' the sound. They try to produce a sound that sounds reasonable on all systems.


                  Some DVDs and TVs have an artificial simulated surround sound option that really sounds horrible on anything but techno rock (which sounds horrible anyway!)


                  If you have the simulation like 'stereo wide' or 'surround' enabled on your TV AND the DVD player you can get really wierd results particularly if the original music has been manipulated as well.

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                    sk8jeff81 Level 1

                    So I hooked up my new DVD player and the DVD now plays just fine.  The audio sounds good (i.e. no instruments missing) and even my issue of having it chop off the sides of the widescreen is gone.  I have no idea why it plays differently in a new DVD player, but it made my day.   


                    Thanks for all the information on sound.  I will look into it further.  I will also plan playing it back on a few other systems to see how it turns out.