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    Inserting a Fill-in Form inside InDesign Folio




      Did a search, so I trust this has not been asked/answered previously.


      I am creating an InDesign document that I would like to embed a fill-in form that can be submitted back to me.


      If anyone has seen the Clemson World folio that is free on iTunes, you will see a form embedded in one of the pages that asks for name, address, etc, etc.  There is also a submit button, that then sends the form to a predesignated email.


      I would like to add this type of form directly into my InDesign document and being a complete beginner, I have failed to understand how thus far.  I developed a fill-in form in Acrobat X pro and then placed the form on my page, but there was no fill-in capability.  Only a view of the form.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.