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    Which ereader to buy?


      I'm having difficulty deciding which ereader to buy which will best support ADE. Any suggestions? Sounds like ADE is incompatible with Sony PRST1 which is what I was thinking of getting. I'm just looking for a simple ereader.

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          Deb Smith-Cohen

          The answer will vary depending on how you expect to use the reader, how little or how much you expect of other functions, what your patience is with not-quite-there technology, and whether you have friends with readers with whom you'd like to share books (among other things).  Do read the Sept. 2011 Consumer Reports comparison of ereaders.  Then update yourself on the features of the newest Kindle release (which came after the CR review).  Also, see http://news.cnet.com/kindle-vs-nook-vs-ipad-which-e-book-reader-should-you-buy

          You don't say why you're looking for compatibility with Digital Editions.  Most ereader users don't especially care about the reader software, except insofar as it causes usability issues.



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            Frustrated in AZ Level 4

            I'd like to add a couple of points to these ideas.


            Determine whether features such as backlighting, long battery life (even

            when turned off), scalable fonts, and compatibility with other sources than

            the manufacturer are important to you.  Ereaders from Amazon (Kindle),

            Barnes & Noble (Nook) and SONY to name three may be so tightly connected to

            their respective websites that you may be forced to obtain all of your

            ematerial from them (Amazon in particular).  Adobe Digital Editions is

            designed to be more 'open source' - that is that ADE supports a variety of

            ereaders, based on how they handle certain industry-standard formatting

            features and digital rights.  If you want to download ebooks from the

            widest possible spectrum, or if you'd be just as happy with the services

            from your ereader's manufacturer, then you'll be able to make the right

            choice for you.