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    Need advice on alternatives to building a system

    Stu S Level 1

      My PowerPC Mac FCP/6 system is nearing its end of life, and so I’m moving to a PC and Premiere.  I don’t have the time or skill to build a system from scratch, and though I know I’ll pay more than doing it myself, the cost/benefit is acceptible.  I have a lot of gear that can move over, including a Kona LHe for HD/SDI out, plus dual monitors, numerous drives and other peripherals, etc. 


      In terms of the type of work I do, it’s usually light on motion graphics, but I do transcode and grade regularly. 


      I’ve looked at the HPZ400 workstations, just wondering if this is the best route to go, or if there are other more cost effective towers I should be looking at?  I’ve seen a couple of towers I could pick up at newegg and add a quadro 4000 to, but don’t really feel like I know enough to pull the trigger on one. I see that the conversations here are predominantly build-oriented, but hopefully someone can offer up some direction, which would be much appreciated.