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    Transcode Error when burning to DVD

    gloftis55 Level 1

      Trying to to a DVD in PRE10. It begins to encode the media and does great until it gets to the 24% mark. It then says I have a "transcode error" and stops. I have rendered the footage, it plays through fine, but I can't burn a DVD or save it as a AVI either. What does that message mean and does it mean it's occurring 24% into the project? I've checked all I know to check. The project is less than 4 minutes in length, so I don't think that could have anything to do with it. Help - working with a deadline

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          First, a couple of questions:


          What is on your Timeline at that point? (Remember, PrE uses a 2-pass Transcoding setting, so that 100% of the Transcoding is 2 passes of the Timeline Duration.)

          Do you have any gaps in the Video of that Timeline?

          What are the specs. of your HDD's, and especially the amount of defragmented free space?


          This ARTICLE gives some tips on Transcoding failure.


          Good luck,



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            gloftis55 Level 1

            MY timeline is at 24% everytime the error occurs, so I take that would be about at the half way point of the project since it makes the 2 passes. Anyway I've had no luck. I redid the project again,albeit, hurriedly so, but I had worse results, error again , but right at the atart of the burn. I went through the project as best I could looking for any gaps, seen none. Per your suggestion, added a title on video track 3, I have an audio track, video 1 track is completely filled, a couple of clips on video track 2. I've never encountered this before to this extent. usually there is a gap, but not this time. I'm running Windows XP SP3, a 7200 rpm HD, 4g of memory, ATI video card. I defragmented my main drive before starting, so I had roughly 20gb free. I missed my deadline, but my aggravation was more irritating. Thanks for the info Hunt.