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    Different colors in Raw and Ps5


      My tiff picture is scanned in Adobe RGB, but looks different in Cam Raw and Photoshop5 even though I set the color profile to Adobe RGB in both programmes. When I make corrections in Raw, the colors doen´t match when I open it as an object in Photoshop. I´m really puzzled and hope someone out there can help me


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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          Problems like this are often borne from ill-formatted or faulty color profiles associated with the monitor.  The monitor profile (which is a complicated beast under the covers) may not be interpreted correctly by all the different parts of Photoshop.


          Try changing the monitor profile temporarily to sRGB and see if the display is now consistent.  You do this through the OS dialogs.


          If this helps, you may want to seek out a better profile for your monitor, or possibly get a calibration/profiling device to create one yourself.