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    Font Generator Programs




      Are there any font generator software programs that can be used with Premiere Elements for Mac?

      When I used Final Cut Express, I had a program called LiveType to create titles and fonts with effects etc.


      Is there any software program made by Adobe or a 3rd party for Premiere Elements for creating fonts and titles?



      Thank you.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          When you say "font generation program," are you referring to a "font creation program," that allows one to create fonts?


          If you are talking about creating Titles, with various fonts (already created and installed in the OS of the computer), then I recommend Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. I also use Adobe Illustrator, for some intricate Titles (AI has better Type handling, and control), and then I Rasterize from Vector art in PS, for use in PrE, or PrPro.


          There are also some 3rd party Titling programs, like ProDAD's Heroglyph and BluffTitler. I do not know if they are also Mac-capable though.


          Good luck,



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            BrentNorthwest Level 1

            Sorry.Yes I meant titiling programs. LiveType let me create titles and add effects like fade in-fade out, twist, zoom etc.

            Am looking for a software program that allows me to do this on a Mac using Premiere Elements.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Got you, and thanks for that clarification.


              I just checked ProDAD's Heroglyph (my link above was to something totally different - my bad), but it is Windows-only. Not sure about BluffTitler, as I could not find a Compatibility chart, but I suspect that it is Windows-only too.


              I am sure that there are some Title animation programs available for the Mac, but just do not know which ones might work directly with PrE. I know that Steve Grisetti, our tireless MOD here, uses PrE on his Mac, so he might have some viable programs to recommend.


              Good luck, and sorry about that bogus link - I'm still jet-lagged...