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    Need help with choosing presets

    tiltmonster369 Level 1

      I am using a very basic FugiAX300 camera to capture video, and have not changed the preset on the Premier "start new project" page, from the default NTS DV 48khz setting. My camera uses an SD card for storage, and has an HD setting for 1280 by720. Also 640 and 320 standard and low def settings. What presets do I use for this camera and when. Do I use the preset for flash(fifth one down on the list) and just select between standard and widescreen, or do I need to go up to the AVCHD setting when using the HD format(1280by720) on the camera. Also, if anyone can tell me what the complications of shooting in the default DV 48khz setting  would have . I have not changed from the default preset DV 48khz, and seem to have pretty good results. The standard def resolution on my camera seem to match the flip camera setting(640by480) but I do not have a flip camera. Do I choose the best match for the resolution, or the preset category, then define a preset.   

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          I can't guarantee Premiere Elements will work with video from that type of non-DSLR still camera. But your best shot is to:


          1) Make sure you have the latest version of Quicktime from Apple.com, per the program requirements.

          2) Open a new project. Click Settigns and choose the settings for DSLR/720p.

          3) Get the video from your camera by attaching it to your computer by USB and using Get Media/From AVCHD, Flip and Still Camera to open the Video Importer.

          4) As you add clips to the timeline, you'll likely see red lines above the clips. Press Enter whenever those red lines appear to render those clips. (They will turn green when rendered.)

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            tiltmonster369 Level 1

            Sorry about the typo, that is Fuji of course. I have been getting pretty good video even with the DV PRE-setting, though a bit blurry(could be the lighting as well). I did some experimenting on my own after I realized I needed to choose a preset, but did not try DSLR yet. I will try DSLR next time around. I tried the Preset for AVCHD and it seemed fine on the computer. The setting for flash and hard drives, did not do so well for the lower def stuff WMV. I have some trial version of quicktime, but have not used it much. It would be nice if there were a chart, to cross reference Presets and Formats, as there are such a variety of media and hardware, and variability to which ones work best. I have one that came out real good, and I suspect I may have chosen smart fix when it came up. The only thing for sure is that you know far more than I, and even you are not sure; so I will stick with the DSLR unless there is a problem. I need to get more familiar with quicktime. Is Premier proprietary to Quicktime and Apple software, or just suggested? I tend to like Quicktime, but whatever version I have seemed to not fill the screen. It was kinda annoying, but perhaps a setting, I need to hunt down. Other than that it was great. The videos that I shot and edited with Premier, and with the Fuji camera; looked a bit different streaming them on a DLNA connection over the big TV. The ones I saved as MPEG looked real good, but the WMV were pretty ruff. All were recorded with the DV preset standard 48KHZ, and shared as either WMV or MPEG. Normally I would not worry about the wrong way to do it, and just figure the right way; but some of the video may be hard to repeat; so wondering how the DV setting might affect these? It sounds like formatting and Presets, can be kinda a grey area. I am shooting very tiny baby tutles at very close range, fighting over food; and between lighting reflections and very close shooting, I am still perfecting the shooting environment as well. When you are learing various aspects of harware, software, and video/photography; it can be hard to ascertain which part of the equation is the problem, or solution. At least it all plays decent on the computer. Thank you!     

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              John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Rather than trying random settings, use one of these programs to find out what you have, and then create a project to match


              Read Bill Hunt on a file type as WRAPPER http://forums.adobe.com/thread/440037?tstart=0

              What is a CODEC... a Primer http://forums.adobe.com/thread/546811?tstart=0

              What CODEC is INSIDE that file? http://forums.adobe.com/thread/440037?tstart=0


              Report back with the codec details of your file, use the programs below


              For PC http://www.headbands.com/gspot/ or http://mediainfo.sourceforge.net/en

              For Mac http://mediainfo.massanti.com/


              Once you know exactly what it is you are editing, report back with that information... and your project setting, and if there is a red line above the video in the timeline, which indicates a mismatch between video and project

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                tiltmonster369 Level 1

                Ok reporting back, not too complicated. I am very simple here right now, just using a basic camera, and one of its 3 settings(HD widescreen1280by720p,640by480 standard, and low def WMV320 by 240) Likely I will be shooting in HD720p30; then share to two saved formats; one for DVD such as Mpeg, and a wmv to conserve space, and post on the internet easy. Sharing in Mpeg seems to give me pretty good picture and widescreen, using the AVCHD preset; but I am thinking my camera will only do widescreen with the HD 720. I know that is the case, but the convesions are what get me confused a bit. If I am using this camera setting, then this preset, and sharing that format, what happens? 






                So, I used G-spot and it says the codec is MJPEG..... name MOTION JPEG......status codec(s) are installed(UNDER VIDEO).


                Under Container....file length correct......AVI v1.0.....video 812 mb......audio40.7mb....AVI Overhead 181 kb







                Length4:01.998  Frms7,260 Kbps28150 QF1.018


                Pic/s 30   Frame(s) 30 Fields nothing


                pic{wx) 1280 x 720 seq ext nothing


                sar 1.778(16:9)   par 1.000(1:1)   dar 1.778(16:9)



                Audio:    PCM Audio

                Info 44100HZ 1411kb/s (tot 2 chls)

                stat NO CODEC REQUIRED



                I hope this is everything you need to help. So what camera setting, and what preset, and what shared format do I combine, to get what result. Hmmmm that is the question for me. In my test, I used the HD1280 by 720 for camera setting; then preset tp the AVCHD720...............THEN SHARED in mpeg 720p30(got widescreen720p, good quality)......then shared same rendered video with preset the same again, in mpeg standard(got widescreen 640 by 480 good quality)............then shared the same again in wmv(got 320by 240 old letterbox format fair quality not as clear res). If I know what preset field to choose settings from, then I guess I can figure most of it out. One thing is for sure; we need more formats, and more codecs; there are definatley not enough. Bring on the OLED AND 2K Video.  Thanks for the help. G-spot was easy enough. I think.

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                  tiltmonster369 Level 1

                  Steve, I tried the DSLR on an AVI video shot with the camera 720p30, I had I allready imported on to the hard drive of the computer. I often use the camera software to import to the computer, that way I can oranize, preview, and delete what I do not want; befoe importing into organizer. Is that a problem? I have not used the Apple quicktime enough yet to be that comfortable with it; but will tackle that next. If I can get it to full screen, I may well default to that player. If I understand the "red" line you are talking about it is a very thin blue or red line that runs across the top of the buttons for time line or scene line, then all the way across. I am not sure about that, a little more description please, can't say I see a red line at all with the fresh import here. The clip is surrounded in blue outline, and the thin line is blue; that is about all I see. Next, I tried setting the preset to DSLR720p...........and I got 3 settings to choose from, niether of which referenced 30 frames per second frame rate. In my clip details, it says the frame rate is 30 frames per second, and the camera is 30p. I see 2-   24 frame choices, and a 60 frame selection; under the DSLR button in presets. Please delineate. Thank you!

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                    tiltmonster369 Level 1

                    Ok, let me refine my original question, I may have jumped around here John. With the above information on my video files, after running G-spot; what preset do I use, when opeining a new project in Premier? Do I use AVCHD, DSLR,DV.FLIP, HARD DISK/FLASH, OR HDV? If I can norrow that down, it would be a great help. Need to feed the turtles and do a shoot, please help. I don't want to do any more edits, with the wrong preset.   

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                      John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      I don't edit Motion JPG, but I do know that these messages address that codec


                      MJPEG edit with Morgan or MainConcept http://www.morgan-multimedia.com/

                      http://www.mainconcept.com/site/prosumer-products-4/motion-jpeg-codec-785/information-797. html


                      Since I don't use MJPEG, I don't know exactly what setting you would use, once you have a codec installed

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        For MJPEG, this ARTICLE might be useful. Some of what is inside will mirror John T's advice, but there might bemore,that will help you.


                        Good luck,



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                          tiltmonster369 Level 1

                          This is helpful with defining a codec when needed; but judging from the G-spot report, I am thinking I have the proper codec installed. Am I wrong? I am able to do some editing. I have only had two projects,  that had quality problems apparent, and trim seems to be a bit flaky on some. When trying to trim the very edge of a video clip to fit the sound timeline. Even the ones that had video stabilization problems, or over res issues, seemd to clear; when I saved it as an M-peg, instead of WMV. Assuming I have the proper codec installed(likely came with the camera software I installed) how do I define the best preset for a "new project" using Premier? DSLR(Premier welcome screen>new project>settings, does not seem to have a choice for 720p 30 frames; which is the video preference on the shot video from the camera. Do I use another setting under DSLR, or do I try and match the camera setting under another Preset option in Premier. I tried AVCHD LITE 720P30, and it seemd to come out pretty good, DV came out pretty good as well, with some possible problems with a few. I realize I have a basic camera, and not the best suited for video perhaps; but I would think this a very common media...........as more and more cameras like mine, are out there, that shoot video. The 3 options under DSLR720P are as follows: DSLR720P24, DSLRP720P24@23.976, and DSLR720P60. My video appears to be 720p30. Any deliniation might help..........thanks guys.

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                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                            This is helpful with defining a codec when needed; but judging from the G-spot report, I am thinking I have the proper codec installed. Am I wrong?


                            G-Spot is reporting that there is an MJPEG CODEC installed on the system. The test, is whether PrE can use that. CODEC's basically come in three types, doing one, or more, of three things:


                            1. CODEC is installed and functions fine for playback - the vast majority
                            2. CODEC functions both for playback, and can also be used to encode - fairly common
                            3. CODEC functions both for playback, and can also be used to encode, plus can be used by the NLE (Non Linear Editor) program to edit - much smaller subset, and depends on the specific CODEC and the specific NLE program.


                            It could be that your particular MJPEG CODEC only is working as either a # 1, or # 2. Whether PrE can use it to edit, depends on the exact CODEC. If you installed the camera mfgr's. MJPEG CODEC, then I would hope that it is in the Type # 3 group, as many camera mfgrs. tweak their CODEC's.


                            Good luck,



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                              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                              Your 720p30 should not be showing up as an AVI.


                              Please try importing the video from the camera using Premiere Elements Video Importer, as described above. It, too, will allow you to preview and pick and choose which clips you download from the camera. The difference is that the video it  imports is much more likely to be compatible with the program.


                              I suppose you could try the AVCHD Lite 720p30 project preset and see if it works better with your video.


                              But if it doesn't, try to shoot some footage with your camera at a frame rate and dimensions that the program supports. As I've said, matching your project settings to your source footage is vital to a successful editing experience with this program.