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    Easiest way to repeatedly flash a row in a data grid?

      We have a number of data grids where we want several of the rows in each grid to repeatedly flash, preferably from orange to whatever the default colour of the row is.

      The grids display different data, but we want to flash rows in the same way.

      The best we've been able to come up with is to write a custom Drop- In List Item Renderer that sets the background color of each cell to orange, then animates each cell by cycling the background alpha property from one to zero and back again. However, at this stage we're unsure how to target it at a particular row. I've attached the source code - you'll see that it always uses row 1.

      This suggests that we're doing it the wrong way. Ideally we'd just like to be able to get a handle to all of the existing components in a particular row, set their background color, and then apply the animation to them.

      Any ideas?