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    what happened to my razor tool???

    artistdomain Level 1

      I desperately need that simple, universal, trusty, and, OK, I'll admit it, simpleton tool, which I cannot face life without!


      It served me so well in the days of CS3 before I went to 5.5.


      Right now I have a situation where I have captured clips from a HMC150 but through my new Matrox MXO2 Mini and you all probably know what that does. I do now! 


      It stings all the clips together into one clip. Now I'm freaking out trying to manually synch a 2-camera shoot. Plural Eyes cannot synch apparently can't such footage.


      I did esatblish synch points on location by simple handclaps at each take (separate clips but again, all strung together now) If only I had the razor tool I cut through all tracks at end of each take and re-establish at next handclap.


      Can anyone please suggest how to cut through all traks on a timeline?