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    Coldfusion/LCDS/Mysql + Flex

      Hi all !!

      I just have a project that use LiveCycle a lot... I begin from the scratch with integrated ColdFusion LiveCycle,
      so i've tried the example in devnet : http://www.adobe.com/devnet/coldfusion/articles/data_app.html and everything seems to work with the Coldfusion embedded databases ( I 've just noticed that for some fields when i wanted to upgrade that fields i get un 'contructor' error, issue that wasn't resolved, even by his author.
      Now my problem is that i use a proper mysql database and when i launch the same application i get a blank page without anyresult in the datagrid and no error messages from flex, coldfusion or mysql...
      Is it a known issue or have i to configure Mysql in other way in Coldfusion ??

      Any helps will be appreciated