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    Using ScrollPane

    Mughal Shahzad



      Please have a look at the following code:


      LeftArrow.onRelease = function()


          emptyMC.loadMovie("images/img1" + 1 + ".jpg");

          ScrollPane.contentPath = "empty_MC"; //this works with those movieclips which have images but does not work if images loaded this way


      RightArrow.onRelease = function()


          emptyMC.loadMovie("images/img2" + 2 + ".jpg");

          ScrollPane.contentPath = "empty_MC";   




      I have 4 to 5 images and want to load into emptyMC, this emptyMC movieclip is in library,

      ScrollPane works with those movieclips which have images in them but not works with above code while calling is same I mean to through identifier name. emptyMC has identifier name empty_MC.

      what is wrong with this code please help to solve this.