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    PDF Printing


      I posted a problem over on the AcrobatUser.com board and received a couple of irresolute replies that did not really address my specific problem, so I'm turning here to see if I may obtain further enlightenment.

      Rather than re-post the whole mess, anyone who may be interested in my 'unusual' problem can skip over there and read both my problem and the replies and then, perhaps, return here to offer improved help.

      The post is under the UserID of "silvercbx" and should be fairly high on the list - The subject is 'One of two problems'.

      Failing any direct help, could someone direct me to a direct Adobe support site where I could register my problem? All ready avenues seem to direct me to user-to-user areas and I'm getting the impression

      (by the long silences) that no one really has a handle on what is going on with my Adobe Reader.

      Thanks for your time.

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          Claudio González Most Valuable Participant

          This forum is for discussions on the forums themselves. You are more likely to find experts in the use of Acrobat in the Acrobat forum, not here. In any case, your profile shows only the above message of yours and no other in the last 3 months; and none in a "One of two problems" thread.


          If you think it is worth asking for help here (I think it's unlikely you get any), could you please provide a link to the ohter thread?