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    Recovering deleted videos from an SD card


      After reading through some of the discussions on this forum, it will be quite clear that I am brand new to photo-editing. I apologize, but would appreciate any help.


      I was importing video that was in .mov format from my Kodak playsport camcorder. It was recorded in 1080p. I selected all the videos with the delete original after import option checked and clicked import. After a minute, an error message appeared. I didn't write it down, but it was along the lines of "Can't capture because they might be read only files".


      Now the folder that did contain the files on the SD card has been replaced with 2 files: 4!!tL (except the T is more like a cross and the L looks like a subscript) and A1. When I put the SD card back into the camcorder, only a few videos are left. I also checked the main product install log for any error messages and there weren't any (I don't know if that means anything).


      Any help on recovering these super sentimental videos would be appreciated. Thank you!

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          meparede Level 1

          Also, I tried two different recovery programs, Pandora and Recuva, with no luck. Please let me know if any additional information is needed.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            What brand of card is it?


            Many mfgrs., such as Lexar, and SanDisk have recovery tools. If you have one of those (higher-end) cards, I would visit their site, as their specialized recovery tools might be better, than the ones that you used. Digital file recovery is a bit science, a bit black-art, and a bunch of luck. I use a program suite, Stellar-Phoenix, which is very, very good, but the full suite is rather expensive. However, it has helped me to the point, that I bought two licenses for it, to have it on two machines.


            I also never Delete any files from any cards, until I have tested the Transfer/Import, and then I just reformat the card in the camera.


            Good luck,