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    Load font dynamically

    Siva.S Level 1


        I need to load font dynamically in my application 


      The swf size is 2.34 MB (which contains the 20 embeded fonts)

      My application size is 1.92 MB

      SDK 4.0

      OS is windows XP


      It takes 1 min to load 20 fonts in list. But i wants to load more than 200 fonts dynamically 

      Please suggest me the way to reduce the loading time.


      I have used the following code in application's creation complete event to load the swf,


      var cssEventDispatcher:IEventDispatcher=styleManager.loadStyleDeclarations("assets/style/Prop ertyFonts1.swf")

                                              cssEventDispatcher.addEventListener(StyleEvent.COMPLETE, onComplete);


      Thanks in Advance