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    No video only audio in elements 9.


      I am new to photoshop so forgive any ignorance.....I imported videos and pics from my Iphone to the organizer and the videos will not play properly.  There is no picture at all, only sound.  I have the latest version of quicktime.  Side note- whenever I try to import from my Iphone, I get a message that not everything can be imported - I'm not sure why that is, or if perhaps this has anything to do with the video issue.  Thanks...

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          I do not know what the format/CODEC is for the iPhone, but would assume that it is some variation on the MOV, or MP4 formats, and probably contain a version of the H.264 CODEC. The exact specs. should be available in the manual, or from the Apple iPhone Web site. That will very likely tell the tale. The latest version of Apple's QuickTime should install the necessary H.264 CODEC, but then perhaps the iPhone has tweaked that CODEC, so one might have to install the exact version, say along with the phone's driver, or maybe even via the phone's utilities. Did you install those too (I am guessing that it would probably be some version of iTunes, but do not know for sure).


          Good luck, and if you can track down the exact format and the CODEC used, plus any additional info, please post that, as it might help others help you better.