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    Flash and Photoshop freeze temporarily during save

    u9iouiuljuiouj Level 1

      I am using Flash and Photoshop CS5 for a college (HND) project (by which I mean, a single document for a Flash portfolio) and, Flash in particular, they keep appearing to freeze (i.e. they temporarily show as "Not Responding") whenever I save and take forever to save. My computer is quite low spec. (I intend to get another high-spec one but until that point) and possibly insufficient for what I am trying to run. However, I have only recently started having this problem and the saving is so slow that it is hampering my development of the project..


      Is there at least a short-term solution to this? I really need to get on with the project and I can't when it's running like this. Flash also occasionally crashes so I can't risk not saving it regularly as I could lose work.


      I also get the dragging saving issue with Photoshop.