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    Shared text between documents with seperate formatting


      I design restaurant menus and marketing pieces in CS5. What I am trying to do is share the same text from the main menu (document 1) i design, but then need the same text to be in a To-Go Menu (document2) but with its own size and formatting since the To-Go menus are smaller with different layouts. And when I make a change on the main menu (document1) I need it to reflex in the to-go menu (documet2)


      I haven't had any luck with InCopy as the formatting always comes with it and the when I change the formatting in document 2 it then changes document1. I am doing double work and looking to simplify.



      Thanks, Mike

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          I answered partially in the other thread, but you've added a new wrinkle here: you want to update both files with one edit.


          Are the two menu formats the same shape? You can place one ID file into another, so you could do one master file, then place that into a second file, either larger or smaller, and scale it. Edit the master doc, then update the link.


          If not, write the text in an external file (Word would be a good choice as you can assign styles). Before placing the text, go to the applications preferences, File Handling pane, and check the box to Create Links When Placing Text and Spreadsheet Files, then place the text file. Doo the same for the To Go menu. Redefine the styles to have appropriate type specs for each file, then when you make a change update the link. You will have to reassign the styles, unfortunately, I suspect in at least one file as the original formatting will be used on update. 


          I'm not sure this is really any better or faster than just editing the main menu in ID and exporting tagged text which you place into a new to go file, or editing an external file and placing normally (without linking) intotow new files. You can make template files for both menu versions that have saved styles in them, and just map the styles when importing.