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    Multiple simultaneous videos on multi-monitors? With cloning ?


      I'm looking for advice on whether Adobe Air is a viable development platform for building a desktop video player app, to run over multiple monitors (1 machine with multiple video cards). Monitors are located around the building in various rooms (with their own individual sound amp), with more than one monitor located in large rooms (with a single sound amp, despite multiple screens) .


      Sometimes I need different video playing in different monitors, and sometimes I'll want them to all play the same video.


      Most important questions are:


      1) Can Air play multiple distinct h/ware-accelerated non-embedded videos at the same time, where the sound output of each video is directed to different audio devices?


      2) Can Air "clone" a non-embedded video, so that only one instance of decoding is done, but a clone image is displayed on multiple displayObjects, on different monitors (to ensure perfect sync); and also have the sound cloned to different audio devices?


      At this stage, I'll be developping for Windows only.


      ATM, the most viable option I have found is controlling external instances of VLC Player; using it's "Clone" filter function; and moving and resizing it's windows programmatically. However, I'm wondering if I can more elegantly integrate the whole solution completely into Air.