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    external links issue?


      So this is probably a user error.  In many ways, I am a bull in a china shop when it comes to Dreamweaver.  I have a PNG file (facebook icon) that I want to use as a link to: Facebook.  Simple concept.  I have the link typed in properties, like every other link I put in.  But whenever I try to open it, the page is unavailable.  BECAUSE Dreamweaver adds my local site to the front end.  For example:


      link box in properties says> http://www.facebook.com/ayres

      When it opens, it says it can't page> http://www.mydomain.com/testsite/http://www.facebook.com/ayres


      I can't find a way to make it change from this.  This can't be that difficult, can it?


      I appreciate the help, I have already spent a few hours hitting my head against the wall, I figured I would try this before its the computer that meets the wall.



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          You need to post an actual link to your site so that we can see the code before advising you further.


          The manner in which this can be sorted out is to work in code view where you can paste the code to make it work.  We can give you the code here if we can see your test page first.