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    DVCPro HD presets



      my appologies if this is too rudimentary, but I am working on CS 5.5 using DVCPro HD Varicam footage and am wondering which preset to use?  There are presets for both YUV and for Motion JPEG.  My footage is 720p at 60fps.

      It is staight video without any gamma correction or film rec from the Varicam.  The signal path is from my deck, AG hd1200a via SDI into a Decklink SDI only card.  The deck also has firewire I/O.  However the card has no firewire but the PC (HP xw8200) does.  There are presets for both 10 bit and 8 bit, and I know that the codec on the tape is only 8 bit, so I don't think I will gain by going 10 bit on capture.  The output from both looks good to my client, but I would like to know which is best for future projects.  Thanks.