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    Exporting DPX sequence: frame rate incorrect in exported file

    jd rum

      Hello all, I'm new here.  I'd really appreciate some help with this issue.  My sequence and source files I am working with are 2048x1240, (1.0), 23.976 fps .  I am exporting a DPX file sequence with matching settings. 


      The problem is, when I import that new DPX file sequence back into my Premiere project, or an AE project with the same settings, the new DPX file has a frame rate of 29.97 fps. 


      I've tried numerous times and checked all my settings.  I can't figure out why the new DPX sequence is not 23.976 fps.  Any ideas what I am doing wrong here?



      here are my export settings, note output and source have matching frame rates:


      premeire screen grab.jpg


      and here is a screen grab showing the file properties of my new exported DPX sequence, after importing back into Premiere Pro CS5, with a frame rate of 29.97 fps. 

      premeire screen grab 2.jpg


      Any help will be greatly appreciated!