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    Air apps with outside elements

      First of all i'm a newbie to air.
      my question is : is it possible to create an desktop Air apps with the "core components" of the apps (in my case .air file and swf, xml) and as the full application will use flv give the possibility to download those flv to folder (inside the installation folder) or to use them from a server online.
      The final purpose of my question is that i'd like that my apps could look if there's updated flv available.

      Hope that my question is clear enough bcause of my poor english ;)

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          anirudhs Level 2

          AIR has APIs that let you download files from the internet and store it on your local filesystem (though not in the application installation directory, but a different location: the application storage directory). You should be able to play those flv's from your AIR app.

          Using the same API's you can also download a file that lets your app know if there is an updated flv available.