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    flash player 11 ruined everything.


      on thursday, i turned on my computer and the flash player updated itself with the newest version. flash player 11. until this happened, everything worked fine. my primary use is for youtube. ever since the program updated itself, nothing  works. no video. nada. i can't download anything. my web browser won't open most websites. this program has ruined my computer. i have tried everything under the sun for the last 3 days and have gotten nowhere. uninstall, reboot, reboot again, reinstall, reboot, trouble shooting, de-activating firewall and security anti-virus, disabling hardware accelerators, managing add-ons, enabling them,  then re-activating it. trouble shooting windows. unfortunately, i can't update anything for windows, because the page won't display thanks to your program. i just get a blank screen. so,after having exhausted every possible means of trying to fix my computer, this is the way i see things. it was your program that messed everything on my computer up, therefore,it is up to you to fix it. under the age old rule of "you brake it, you bought it". if this is not fixable, i'm going to lose a whole boatload of very important files, and some of it non replaceable content. the damage would be serious enough to put me out of business. i lose everything.