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    Problem with pagination layout when sending to printer.


      I have a 56 page booklet that we sent to the printer.  The individual pages are 5.5" wide by 8.5" height.  The printer is using 22" wide by 17.5" height sheets.  The pagination for his layout calls for 1/2 the pages to be upside down and obviously not in the straight order as I have them currently in my file.  We were trying to save some $$$ by having it laid out as he needs to go to press.  I am seeing some comments that are saying that is the printer's job not mine.  I have just created a pdf file where the pages are numbered sequentially and just showing one page at a time.  But is there some way to lay out the book as he is asking with 8 pages on each side of the paper?


      For example, on this signateur, the top pages would be (from left to right) 7, 50, 51, 6 and the bottom would be 10,47,46,11 with the top pages upside down in relation to the bottom pages.

      Thank you for your help.

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I would call this a perfect example of the axiom, "Penny rich and pound foolish."


          It's virtually impossible for someone who doesn't understand "imposition," which is the layout of pages for a press sheet—what you're trying to do—to do it correctly. There are a number of variables which affect the layout of even a simple imposition (do you know what "creep" is, for example, and how to take into account the thickness of the paper?) And this is to save a few pennies.


          If the printer prints it the way you incorrectly lay out the pages, you'll probably need to have it reprinted at your expense. Or it will look unprofessional, and will "turn off" whoever is looking at a poorly printed piece—losing customers.

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            MikeD90650 Level 1

            Thanks Steve.  I sort of thought that would be the case.  The guy I'm doing the book for is always trying to do things very cheaply.  I thought with all the other good stuff in there that In Design might have a magic button to layout such pagination. 


            Thanks for your help.