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    I can not get my pictures to show in header


      I am trying to use SSI in my header and it will not show the image if the page is to deep in my files:


      Does not work:


      http://www.campingcoaches.com/states/oregon/oregon.php     The code is       <?php include("../../includes/header2.php"); ?>


      but is I move it up on level:


      http://www.campingcoaches.com/states/colorado.php     the Code is       <?php include("../includes/header2.php"); ?>


      Then it seems to work fine


      I have also tried to make the header relative to the site root at that point I got a error message.

      http://www.campingcoaches.com/states/oregon/oregon.php  you can see the code error


      The menus both use the same Code and they work?

          <?php include("../../includes/menu2.php"); ?>


      I am playing around and learning this so my knowledge base is relitively thin but I enjoy computers and the outdoors.  Bottom line be gentle and assume you are I know very little at age 50 and just getting started.