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    input-parameters for transitions

    Jaap H Level 1

      Hi guys,


      During the last two weeks I've come a long way for building my own custom transitions.


      Now I would like my plugins to have input parameters like: Sliders, Color-pickers, Radiobuttons/Pulldown menus, Text and Checkboxes.


      The question is: how do I do that? And how do I get acces to these parameters.


      The SDK example for the 'simple video filter' does not seem to be compatible for a transition.

      And it also raises questions:


      If one would to be accessing certain parameters like this:


      paramsH = (filterParamsH)(*theData)->specsHandle;

      (csSDK_uint32) (*paramsH)->color;


      How would you then acces a seccond color-picker if you had one?


      So many questions, but probably so simple to do.


      Who can help me out?




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          Zac Lam Adobe Employee

          Hi Jaap,


          Great to hear you are making good progress.  The transition API doesn't offer a lot of built-in parameter control types, compared with the filter API which has a few more, and the After Effects effect API which is very flexible.  To add other parameters beyond the basic ones you see in the built-in Iris or Wipe transitions, you'll need to provide your own modal setup dialog using standard OS calls.  The SDK Cross Dissolve sample displays a Custom button, which then pops a basic MessageBox on Win or Alert Dialog on Mac.  This is the starting point for a custom setup dialog.





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            Jaap H Level 1

            Hi Zac,


            Thank you for your response.


            Please tell me how to add some basic ones like you said.


            Build-in Iris uses:

            * Number input

            * Color Input

            * Checkbox

            * and a pulldown menu.


            If I could use these, that would be great!


            I don't really fancy the 'custom' button because:

            a) It doesn't really looks integrated with premiere pro as you need 'an extra mouse click' while all the parameters can be visible straight away.

            b) I need a windows machine + Premiere Pro for Windows for testing, if I would like to share the plugins with windows-users.

            c) It ain't nessecary (yet).


            I like just the basic parameters.


            Please tell me how...




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              Zac Lam Adobe Employee

              Hi Jaap,


              The parameters for the Iris transitions are actually more specific and limited than they may first appear:

              * Border Width - this is not a general number input control, it is only for borders

              * Border Color - this is also only for borders

              * Reverse - this is only a reverse checkbox

              * Anti-aliasing quality - this is also only for borders


              As another point of reference, check out the Flip Over transition.  When you apply it and hit the Custom button, you'll see that the dialog that comes up has a numeric input control and a color input.  Of course, if this could have been accomplished using the built-in controls, we would have provided these directly in the Effect Controls panel, and we wouldn't have added a special setup dialog.


              So for general purpose controls, you'll need to provide a setup dialog.  Since you're interested in a working transition UI sample for the Premiere Pro CS5.5 SDK, send me a private message via this forum and I'll send it over.  This is something I put together after the Premiere Pro CS5.5 SDK shipped.





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