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    Having color trouble with JQuery Datepicker widget

    Murrieta Gal Level 1

      I added the datepicker widget to a form I'm making. I was trying to use on the preset colors that comes with the widget.

      I have my input call set up like this:


      <label for="startdate">When can you start work?</label>

      <input name="startdate" type="text" id="datepicker" size="10" class="ui-80TopTo0Bottom-gradient-content ui-80TopTo0Bottom-gradient-header" />


      While the calendar does come up fine when I click in the field, the colors are not the presets I chose. I got the setting for the class attribute from

      the DIV statement created when I added the widget. I looked on the JQuery website but I could not find a demo of using the colors on an input field.

      I'm sure this is easy and just my lack of understanding of the widget. If anyone can help I would appreciate it. BTW: If I just use the DIV that the widget

      put in my code, the calendar does display with the correct colors, so I suspect the CSS is correct.