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    Playback of clips in Premiere Elements 10 Organiser is losing audio halfway through clip


      Hi All,


      First posting here so hope it's a success.


      I have recently downloaded the trial version of Premiere Elements 10 to see if it is suitable for my needs. I presume this is nothing to do with it being trial version as I'm sure the download said it was fully functioning.


      I have imported all my video clips using the organiser. The video is fine but for a lot of the clips the audio seems to cut out part way through the clip. I have tried playing the same clip within Premiere Elements itself (as opposed to the Organiser) and the audio is fine. It only seems to be an issue within the organiser. Also, if I play the clip in something like Window Media PLayer the audio is also fine.


      Hopefully someone can help. I've spent a lot of time looking on the internet with no joy.


      Thanks in advance